Religions are supposed to teach their followers compassion, care for the poor, understanding, and fellowship, amongst other articles of faith.

In the 21st Century its seems that the reality of religion – believe what I tell you or else – has made a huge come back.

Vicious bigots such as the American Westboro Baptist Church who use the name of their diety to spread hated where ever they go, even to the extent of picketing and harrasing funerals; something even the warriors of ancient times would never have considered doing. If there is a ‘god’ he’d be horrified and these fools are heading straight for their very own hell.

Even in a religion without a god, crazed idiots in Myanmar are slaughtering muslims in the name of Buddha.

While hate mongers remain a minority in all religions, some are in dangerously powerful places. The latest ourburst, comes from the Malaysian government, already a well documented purveyor of hate against its LGBT citizens, in the form of the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim).

This body tries to force its ideas and beliefs on those who may have other beliefs, but then the idea of individual freedoms and free thinking is an alien concept to the rulers of this unfortunate country, which has an active and ongoing policy of persecution against its own citizens who happen to be LGBT. Something which makes Russia look like a LGBT-friendly country, and which is reminiscent of nazi Germany in the early 1930s.

Jakim, a so-called religious department, said on Friday that complaints of human rights abuses against Malaysia are not genuine, and are part of a masquerade to push the lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender (LBGT) agenda to undermine Islam.

These outrageous lies blacken the name of Islam. All any LGBT citizen wants to do is to live in peace, and to be accorded the same rights and treatment citizens of democratic and civilised countries receive (of course, democratic is not a word that can be used to describe Malaysia).

Using Islam to spread such hatred is dispicable, and typical of people who feel threatened where no threat exists. Islam has millions of followers, including LGBT who just want to be left in peace to worship. Jakim does not own Islam and must not be allowed to dictate it views on others.

Jakim, in a seriously paranoid statement, also claimed “a global liberal conspiracy to challenged the position of Islam in Malaysia and local rights groups are acting as its agents…”

Islam is the State Religion in Malaysia, and while it plays an important role in the lives of the country’s muslim majority, there is a sizeable minority of non-muslims in Malaysia.

Such retoric reveals the mindset of Jakim and the government behind it. The fact is that the government is using the LGBT community as a smokescreen against its own deep-rooted corruption and the sexual misconduct of senior figures, both of which activities are contrary to the teachings of Islam.

These hysterical claims have been vented by the upcoming meeting of the UN Human Rights Convention in Geneva, during which the activist group Comango plan to submit evidence of Malaysia’s human rights abuses, including its persecution of LGBT.

One demand by Comango is the right to freedom of religion, meaning being allowed to believe what you believe, and Jakim sees this a serious threat; that thought cannot be free and must be controlled by the state. Another demand is the equality of women in society; again Jakim claims this is a threat to Islam.

“Our proposals to the Human Rights Council are within the framework of the Universal Declarations of Human Rights,” Comango spokesman Honey Tan Lay Ean told a media briefing on the forthcoming Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in Geneva.

The report, submitted to the UPR in March, would be a part of the council’s review of Malaysia’s human rights standing following a pledge made in 2009 to improve civil liberties.

Tan alleged the government had not been honest about its human rights record after reading it’s submission to the UPR council.

She cited the controversial amendments to the Prevention of Crime Act (PCA), which would restore the government’s power for arbitrary detention, as an example.

“They repealed the Internal Security Act and Emergency Ordinance that saw the abolition of detention without trial. But it resurfaced in the form of the PCA,” she said.

Using religion to spread hatred against minorities is the lowest level a government can stoop to, and all Jakim’s rantings have achieved is to confirm the places of the Malaysian government as one of the world’s leading hate mongers and oppressors of the LGBT community.