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1) When using or registering for any of our services, you agree to these terms and conditions (“TOU”), and any breach of these TOU will result in the termination of your membership with no refunds of any payments made for membership.

2) When using or registering on any part of the site, you certify by applying and or registering that you are 18 years of age or older. Our memberships are not open to anyone under 18 years of age.

3) You must read and comply with the site FAQS, about what you can and cannot do within the system. The FAQs also answer most of your questions, so please read them carefully before contacting us. The HELP/FAQs constitute an integral part of these TOU.

4) Spamming is strictly forbidden. Any member who spams other members, or uses as a facility to spam anyone, will have their membership revoked instantly, and no refunds will be given for any payments made for membership. Spamming is defined as including, but not exclusively, sending unsolicited messages containing any form of advertising, offering commercial services, or offering fees for money laundering (popularly known as “Nigerian Scams”), or any other similar type of message. Spammers will be barred from the site, and reported to their ISPs, and in the case of Nigerian scams or similar, will be reported to the relevant law enforcement agencies.

5) Any friend who is the victim of a spammer FROM WITHIN OUR SYSTEM should report such abuse to us. Keep a copy of any message so that we can see it.

6) Any friend who falsifies any personal information will have his membership revoked without warning, and no refunds will be given for any payments made for membership. Falsifying information is defined as deliberately entering information on your profile application that is false or untrue, such as your age, your email address, the city and country you usually live in etc. This includes women or heterosexual males posing as gay men or ladyboys.

7) You agree and undertake not to use the facilities we provide for any illegal activity. You agree and undertake not to submit or post anything that is abusive, libelous or obscene, and to hold the owners and operators of harmless against any of your actions.

8) Any friend who asks another for money or goods will have his membership revoked without warning and no refunds will be given for any payments made for membership.

9) All friends agree to allow the use of any photo submitted as part of a profile to be used as promotional material within

10) Any friend breaching these TOU will could their membership cancelled without notice, although we will issue warnings first in most cases.

11) If you want to contact us, you must use this form as we do not respond to unknown email messages, due to heavy spamming and virus infection problems with emails. Messages sent to us are usually (depending on the time of day and global time differences) answered the same day when ever possible.

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