You, our members and visitors, are the most important people in the world to us. We believe that your privacy is important. There are too many websites on the internet trading or selling information about their visitors and members.

Here is our policy about your privacy.

If you join any of our services, you will need to provide a valid email address and some other information, we double check that the emails addresses you submit are correct. This is known as ‘double opt in” and is for your protection, and for ours.

Your email address is private and not visible to anyone. We never sell, trade or in any way give your email address or other information to others.

You can unsubscribe at any time and your email address will be deleted and not stored anywhere else.

Our member zone and dating zone does not reveal email addresses (unless you post them yourself which is against our rules). We don’t allow posting of phone numbers etc. but other members can contact you through the internal messaging service and won’t know your email address. If you feel anyone is using the service inappropriately (selling a service, running a scam etc), PLEASE TELL US!

Remember that outsiders can “harvest” (collect) any email address that you choose to post.

However, we never sell, trade, or in any way give your email address or other information to others.

Spam / Junk Mail

We receive a lot junk and virus infected emails each day. Many of these come from false email addresses, sometimes including messages supposedly coming from ourselves.

Spammers send out junk mail using false email addresses. These emails advertise everything from porn to finance, and some just containing viruses. Even if the sending email address looks like ours, THEY DO NOT COME FROM US, they are forgeries. We do NOT send out unsolicited emails. NEVER open an email attachment if you don’t know what it contains!

You should also be aware that both Yahoo and Hotmail have a system that sometimes blocks automated emails, such as the ones we send out telling you that there is a message from another member for you. Its possible that those messages might never reach you, and we recommend using other email services. Please place our email in your Contacts List to ensure you receive the messages and newsletters you have subscribed to – you’ll see it in any message you receive from us.

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