We met a guy who works the bars and discos around Bangkok’s Silom and Suriwong Roads, and he agreed to anonymously talk about his lifestyle as a male prostitute. We’ll call him Art (not his real name).

When I Smile And Show Some Flesh, They Do Things My Way

Where are you from, and how old are you?
ART: I’m 23 and come from Korat in [tooltip title="" content="Isaan = North East Thailand" type="classic" ]Isaan[/tooltip].
How long have you been in Bangkok?
ART: About four years.
Have you been selling yourself all that time?
ART: Yes, a friend told me it was a good way to make some easy money.
Were you a virgin when you first started out?
ART: No, but I didn’t have much experience, and I’d never met a[tooltip title="" content="Farang = Caucasian." type="classic" ] farang[/tooltip].
When you first started, what did you think?
ART: I wasn’t sure about going with foreigners, but I quickly found out that most of them were easy to control.
What do you mean?
ART: When I smile and show them some flesh, they do things my way.

I Have It All Going For Me

Do you work in a bar, or are you a freelancer?
ART: I’m a freelancer, I like to please myself.
Do you enjoy what you do?
ART: I’m used to it, I don’t mind, and I can work when I want to.
Do you think you are successful?
ART: You mean do I make good money, or do I make my tricks happy?
Do you make good money?
ART: Yes, pretty good, but some months are not so good. Better than working in a bar or office.
Some moneyboys don’t do so well, why do you do well?
ART: I have a big personality, and I know that farangs think I’m cute, so I have it all going for me.
How do you find your customers?
ART: I have some regular guys that call me up, and I work the bars around Silom at night.

I’m Not Sure I’m Gay

Do you have a regular boyfriend?
ART: No!
Why not?
ART: I’m not sure that I’m gay.
So do you have a girlfriend?
ART: No, but sometimes I play with a girl if I’m in the mood.
How many guys do you have sex with in a week?
ART: That’s difficult to answer, sometimes six or seven, sometimes more, sometimes less.
Do you go with anyone who asks you?
ART: I did when I first started out, but not now unless I’m short of money, and that’s not very often.
Do you ever have problems with your customers?
ART: When I first started out, I had a couple of difficult guys, one would not pay even after we agree how much. But now. I don’t pick up guys that are drunk of seem weird in some way.
Do you make your customers happy?
ART: I think so, I try to judge what the guy likes, and keep him happy, and not rush too much like some of my friends do.
So what kind of guy will you go with?
ART: He has to be clean and neat, and if he looks like he has plenty money, that’s great.

I Don’t Think It’s Right Or Wrong

Why does it matter as long as he pays you?
ART: I don’t like smelly or untidy guys.
I mean, about money.
ART: Oh, if he has some money, maybe he would see me again, buy me some gold, take me to a nice place for eating, things like that.
Sounds like you want a boyfriend.
ART: Not at all. Like I said, I’m not sure that I am gay. I just want some nice things and a nice lifestyle.
Do you get gifts from your customers? What kind of things?
ART: Mobile phone, gold jewelry, a trip upcountry, a TV. Guys have given me all these things before.
Do any of these guys consider you as their boyfriend?
ART: Yes a few do, and I’m happy to play them along while I can earn something from them.
Do you think that is right?
ART: I don’t think it is right or wrong. They are happy and I’m happy.

Have You Ever Had An AIDS Test?

Have you ever felt that one of your customers was something special, something different?
ART: Hmm, yes, there’s a couple of guys who are like that, almost like an uncle. They understand what I’m doing and don’t judge me for it.
When you have sex with a customer, will you do anything he asks you to do?
ART: Most of the time it’s just f**king and sucking, I’m fine with that. Sometimes a guy might want something a bit weird, if it’s something I’m comfortable with I might do that for extra money.
Do you prefer to be a king or queen (top or bottom)?
ART: At first I was only a king (top) but now I can accept being f**ked I do both, whatever makes my trick happy.
And do you practice safe sex with your customers?
ART: If I’m going to f**k him, always, but if he wants to f**k me, then it’s up to him. I will tell him to use a condom but if he doesn’t I don’t say anything.
Why not?
ART: I don’t want to upset my trick, I don’t want to lose my money.
Have you ever had an AIDS test?
ART: Yes, a couple of years ago.
What was the result?
ART: I was clear.
And what about now?
ART: What do you mean?
Don’t you think you should get tested more often?
ART: What for? I’ve been tested.

Are You Ever Asked To Do Strange Things?

Do guys ask you to do strange things?
ART: Sometimes, like three or four guys together, or ask me to slap them.
Slap them?
ART: Yes, you know, on the ass. Some guys like that.
What else?
ART: I had some guy ask to piss on me, and one guy want to tie the rope around me.
And did you let them?
ART: I’m not saying.
When you are in a bar looking for a customer, do the bar managers know what you are doing?
ART: I think most do, but they don’t bother me if I behave well, and don’t hassle their customers.
So you just sit and wait for someone to talk to you?
ART: Usually. Someone will smile, or come up to me. I will smile at any likely trick, but if he doesn’t show interest I don’t push it. I don’t want any problems with the places I’m working in.
What do you do with the money you earn?
ART: Well I have to eat and pay my rent, but I send money to my family every month too.
Do they know what you do for a job?
ART: No, I told them I’m a tour guide.

I Hear That You Are Buying A Condo

I heard that you are buying a condominium.
ART: Yes, I just put the deposit on it last week. It will be finished in about a year, then I will have my own place.
That must be expensive, how can you do that?
ART: I saved quite a lot of money that guys sent to me; I want to have a comfortable life. My home was in a small wooden house in the ricefields. It’s not very nice way to live, and now I can do better..
Do you know many other money boys who can buy a condo or house?
ART: No; most of my friends just spend the money when they get it. I want a nice place to live, so I saved my money.
What do you do in your free time?
ART: I love to karaoke, or play bowling and watch a movie with my friends.
Who is the most important person in your life?
ART: My mother. She means everything to me.