The Central Library in Hong Kong has found itself on the battlefield for gay equality as local activist Betty Grisoni, co-founder of the lesbian organisation Les Peches and co-director of the LGBT Pink Season cultural festival, demanded library officials run a disclaimer to go with their inclusion of the controversial book “A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality”.

Written by American psychologist Joseph Nicolosi, the book classifies homosexuality as a mental disorder and promotes “gay conversion therapy,” the pseudo-scientific idea that homosexual men and women can be made heterosexual through medical or psychological means.

Grisoni is demanding the library put a warning on the book because it espouses practices universally denounced by health ministries and medical organizations throughout the West. Gay conversion therapy is banned in California and New Jersey, and the director of a gay conversation camp in South Africa is on trial for murder after three boys under his supervision died.

“Given widespread virulent prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping against sexual minorities, publications directly promoting homophobia should be carefully handled by public libraries.”

Grisoni added that she does not think the book should be removed, but that potential readers should be made aware of its shaky scientific principles.

Chinese activists recently took unprecedented action by launching a lawsuit against a gay conversion clinic in Chongqing, which is an ongoing case.