Gay Man Pays Wife For Divorce

Gay Man Pays Wife For Divorce


A man in China has paid 800,000 yuan (US$130,000) in a divorce settlement because he didn’t tell his wife that he was gay.

The couple agreed following mediation by a court in the eastern province of Zhejiang, according to local news reports.

The 27-year-old woman, surnamed Wang, from Ningbo, thought she had found the man of her dreams when she met her 32-year-old future husband, surnamed Zhou. She found him very humorous and charming, and to her amazement, he proposed to her on the evening they first met.

They dated for about four months before Wang accepted Zhou’s proposal at a party, and they married in March.

On their wedding night, Zhou slept in a separate room, saying he had a bad cold, the court heard. And a week later, he had still refused to move back into their bedroom.

When Wang demanded an explanation, Zhou took out a credit card and said, “I know I owe you much and I will try to compensate you in other ways.” He said that his wife could buy whatever she wanted with the card, said the newspaper.

In the months that followed, Wang became suspicious as her husband always left home quickly after receiving calls from a man.

One night she followed him to a bar and found him with another man with whom he seemed intimate, reported the newspaper. When Wang confronted her husband, he admitted that he was gay and that he married due to pressure from his parents.

He suggested that they stay married to keep the fact that he was gay a secret from his parents and friends, but Wang filed a lawsuit late last month, demanding a divorce and compensation.

Zhou agreed to pay her 800,000 yuan and signed the divorce papers after court mediation.

Many gay men in China marry and have children because of pressure from their parents and to avoid social stigma.

Most Chinese believe continuing a bloodline is an obligation for men.

An estimated 80 to 90 percent of gay men in China marry, according to retired Qingdao University Professor Zhang Beichuan. He said that there are nearly 10 million Chinese couples in such marriages.

The issue was in the spotlight last March after a court in Chengdu, capital of southwestern China’s Sichuan Province, heard how a woman committed suicide after her husband announced that he was gay on a social networking website.

Luo Li, a 31-year-old teacher with a PhD, leapt from her 13th-floor apartment in June 2012, after her husband, Cheng Wei, came out online.

Her parents demanded 630,000 yuan (US$101,304) in compensation but a district court ruled that Luo was responsible for her actions.

Gay Conversion Manual In HK Library

Gay Conversion Manual In HK Library

The Central Library in Hong Kong has found itself on the battlefield for gay equality as local activist Betty Grisoni, co-founder of the lesbian organisation Les Peches and co-director of the LGBT Pink Season cultural festival, demanded library officials run a disclaimer to go with their inclusion of the controversial book “A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality”.

Written by American psychologist Joseph Nicolosi, the book classifies homosexuality as a mental disorder and promotes “gay conversion therapy,” the pseudo-scientific idea that homosexual men and women can be made heterosexual through medical or psychological means.

Grisoni is demanding the library put a warning on the book because it espouses practices universally denounced by health ministries and medical organizations throughout the West. Gay conversion therapy is banned in California and New Jersey, and the director of a gay conversation camp in South Africa is on trial for murder after three boys under his supervision died.

“Given widespread virulent prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping against sexual minorities, publications directly promoting homophobia should be carefully handled by public libraries.”

Grisoni added that she does not think the book should be removed, but that potential readers should be made aware of its shaky scientific principles.

Chinese activists recently took unprecedented action by launching a lawsuit against a gay conversion clinic in Chongqing, which is an ongoing case.

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