AsiaOut has evolved as a result of the coming together of two highly successful websites.

Who We Are – Two Sites Become A Family saw a huge success in promoting and informing the GLBT community in South East Asia. That means that “CambodiaOut” no longer described what we are about. Cambodiaout quickly expanded from being a local site dedicated to the GLBT community in Cambodia, to giving extensive coverage to many other countries in the region. was one of Thailand’s longest running GLBT websites, which celebrated its 18th birthday early in 2013, and also proved to be highly successful in the wider SE Asia region with its lively approach to regional affairs and social networking.

Not One, But More!

AsiaOut is not one, but a family of fun websites all working together for you guys!

Where you are right now!

Our main website with HIV and lgbt support resources, Pride events, videos, feature stories, and more!

Our Dating & Social Network Zone - Whether you're looking for Mr Right, or Mr Right Now, the free Dating Zone has hundreds of hot guys just waiting for YOU!

Looking for action? This is the place to be!

Our Gallery Zone with many hundreds of photos of hot Asian men - hunks, twinks, pretty boys, body art, and much more!

We add new pics regularly!

Our News Zone with up to the minute news reports from around Gay Asia and beyond.

Our Events Zone, with a comprehensive and up-to-the-minute listing of gay events around Asia delivered in an easy to read, fun format.

The Rainbow Lifestyle Card is a free discount and promotion card for LGBT, accepted at hundreds of gay friendly venues in Asia and beyond.

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